State officials have announced the first colleges and universities selected as part of a program that will help students pay for college if they complete community service during an academic year.

Nearly 50 schools were chosen to be part of the first round of funding for the state’s College Corps, including California State University East Bay, San Francisco State University and University of California at Berkeley.

More than 6,000 students across the 45 campuses will be chosen to participate in the College Corps, which will place students in community service programs focusing on K-12 education, climate change and food insecurity.

College Corps members who complete 450 hours of community service by the end of the academic year, starting with the fall 2022 term, will receive $10,000 to put toward their educational expenses.

“This amount is significant because it will cover the amount that Pell Grant recipients are expected to come up with by either taking out a loan and going into debt or working long hours at a job while they’re in school,” state Chief Service Officer Josh Fryday said during a virtual briefing to announce the College Corps schools.

Participating students will also receive academic credit for their community service, with the amount to be determined by each campus participating in the program.

Application information for the College Corps is expected to be available by March, according to state officials.

Fryday compared the College Corps to the G.I. Bill, which offered benefits to veterans of the Second World War and helped millions of veterans attend colleges and universities.

“If you’re willing to serve your community and give back in a meaningful way, we are going to help you pay for college,” he said.

Information about the College Corps can be found on its website.