Three Oakland city councilmembers have introduced an ordinance to ban ghost guns.

The measure bans possessing, selling, purchasing, receiving or manufacturing an unfinished firearm frame or receiver — the parts that are used to make privately manufactured firearms commonly referred to as “ghost guns.” As these guns lack serial numbers, authorities say they are virtually untraceable when used in a crime.

The ordinance was introduced by councilmembers Dan Kalb and Noel Gallo and Vice-mayor Rebecca Kaplan in the council’s Public Safety Committee, which voted Tuesday to forward it to the full council for consideration and a vote on Tuesday, Jan. 18.

(Video courtesy of Ormond Arms/YouTube)

Gallo called it a critical tool for reducing crime in the city.

“By seeking to reduce the number of unregistered and illegal guns assembled from parts — often obtained through the mail — the ordinance will make it harder for those most prone to violence to obtain and use these weapons.”

If passed in Oakland, the city would follow bans by other cities around the state, including San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego.

In addition, Gov. Gavin Newsom has vowed to work with state lawmakers and Attorney General Rob Bonta — whom he appointed — to draft a bill that would allow private citizens to sue anyone who manufactures, distributes or sells illegal assault weapons or “ghost” guns, modeling it after Texas’ unusually structured abortion law.