Oakland International Airport passengers and employees will likely see some improvements to the airport because it’s getting $15 million in federal grant money from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Oakland, said Wednesday.

Some of the improvements that may be made include improved airfield lighting and paving, upgraded restrooms to allow for companion care and gender inclusiveness, and upgraded heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Safety and security will be improved, too.

President Joe Biden signed the infrastructure bill on Nov. 15. Airport officials are still working with the Federal Aviation Administration on the timing and criteria for the funding, so exactly what the money will be spent on isn’t clear yet.

“This funding will create good-paying union jobs in the East Bay, and will help modernize airport facilities and make operations more sustainable,” Lee said in a statement.

“The Infrastructure Act also brings critical investment to our state to guarantee clean drinking water for all, improve highways and bridges, expand our EV charging network, increase safety on our roads and streets, and close the digital divide in neighborhoods like East Oakland,” Lee said.

Airport director Bryant Francis said the money will provide greater safety, security, and sustainability at the airport.

Federal officials allocated $15 billion in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law for airport development grants nationwide. The $15.49 million coming to Oakland International Airport is based on a formula using, among other factors, cargo and passenger volumes, according to Lee’s office.