Livermore residents curious about what their community will look like by 2045 are being encouraged to get involved in the city’s General Plan update.

The General Plan is a 20-year outline that guides city decisions about everything from transportation to services, parks and jobs.

The plan, expected to be completed in early 2024, gives the community a chance to re-evaluate policies and develop new ones to address shifts in local priorities, technologies and real estate market trends.

Citizens are encouraged to sign up for the mailing list and find out about upcoming community workshops.

The agenda for early 2022 includes studying land use alternatives and housing issues.

The city is currently in the midst of making $152 million worth of capital improvements that include several major construction projects underway downtown, including a new parking garage at I Street that will provide 274 parking spaces and the L Street Garage with 460 spaces; and a new Livermorium Plaza featuring a 5-foot-diameter granite water ball fountain paying tribute to the artificial transuranium atomic element produced in 2000 by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Russian scientists.

Also underway is the widening of Vasco Road that adds a second northbound lane north of Garaventa Ranch Road through the Dalton Avenue intersection to improve traffic flow and make the route safer for cyclists.

Last fall the City Council selected 19 members of the community to serve on the General Plan Advisory Committee. This committee will meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month and as needed at other times during the General Plan Update. The public is welcomed and encouraged to attend these meetings. Agendas can be found on the City Clerk Advisory Bodies page on the city’s website.