The Alameda County Office of Education can impose stricter oversight of Oakland Unified’s budget and hiring practices, the California Department of Education has ruled.

The county office of education had warned the school board two weeks ago that it would bring in a fiscal management team to review the district’s finances, out of concerns that the board would be unable to cut tens of millions of dollars from its budget. The school board appealed to the state, and the state sided with the Alameda County Office of Education.

According to the county office of education, Oakland Unified faces declining enrollment and has not prepared to reduce staffing or adopted a long-term financial plan, endangering the fiscal health of the district. County Superintendent L.K. Monroe threatened to withhold pay from the school board and superintendent, which the state agreed she has a right to do.

“It is reasonable for the (Alameda County Office of Education) to provide additional assistance to the district to identify budget solutions in a timely manner and possibly avoid deeper reductions and more intensive interventions at a later date,” according to the state.