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The 167-year-old ship mast flagpole at Mare Island’s Alden Park is being removed and put into storage after it was deemed unsafe by contractors, the city of Vallejo announced.

The flagpole was initially put in the park by Naval Commander David Farragut in 1854. Since then, it has been considered a cultural artifact and a central piece to the area, according to the city.

After a third-party assessment, contractors deemed the flagpole unsafe from corrosion and rot, among other conditions. The flagpole’s 20- to 30-year-old paint was severely chipped and weathered, its metal base was corroded, the main mast faced a significant split in the wood and 20 to 30 percent of the base was completely decayed, according to the assessment.

The pole will be stored in a warehouse on the island as Vallejo city representatives work with an architectural advisor to find ways to restore it. The city plans to reinstall it using funds from its Capital Improvement Program.