Chick-fil-A opened its latest location in Pittsburg on Thursday, bringing the lovers of the fast food chain in the region closer to their favorite chicken sandwiches.

“I’m happy because this [new] Chick-fil-A is at a convenient location,” said Louis Gutierrez, a Bay Point resident. “We live about five minutes away from the restaurant.”

Before the opening of this restaurant at 4717 Century Blvd., the closest Chick-fil-A for the residents of Pittsburg and surrounding areas was in Walnut Creek at 2750 N. Main St. — about 18 miles away from the latest location.

Autumn Fuller, an Antioch resident and high school student, visited the restaurant with her senior year class on the day of its grand opening. Fuller said, “We’re very excited. We usually have to drive all the way to Walnut Creek, and it is just so far away. So I’m happy that [the new location] is easy to get to.”

Chick-fil-A also opened another Bay Area location at the Serramonte Center in Daly City, right outside the San Francisco city limits, on Thursday.