Though recent rain showers partially replenished the Bay Area’s water supplies, Tri-Valley water agencies say residents shouldn’t end water conservation efforts.

Zone 7 Water Agency declared a drought emergency in September, which mandates a 15 percent reduction in water use from all water service providers in Livermore, Pleasanton and the Dublin San Ramon Services District.

Water agencies remain hopeful that residents can continue to conserve water, as residents saved 20 percent more water in October of this year compared to last, according to a news release from Zone 7 Water.

In Dublin and San Ramon, residents must cut back on outdoor irrigation to once a week until Feb. 28, between limited hours and not during or within 48 hours of rain. Full details on conservation mandates are available online.

For city of Livermore and Cal Water customers, outdoor watering is allowed a maximum of three times per week on specific days. Restrictions can be found on the Livermore city website.

And in Pleasanton, landscape watering is only permitted between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m., restaurants can only serve water upon request and hotels must provide guests the options to opt out of daily laundry service. More information can be found at the City of Pleasanton’s website.