Berkeley officials are giving city residents a unique opportunity to give perspective on what fair representation in local government looks like to them — by proposing new boundaries for the city’s eight City Council districts.

Residents and community members in this city of 121,000 are invited to propose the new boundaries — reflective of the results of the 2020 census — so that each district fairly represents the population of Berkeley without political considerations.

The city’s principal goal is to create maps that keep people of similar social and economic interests together. In doing so, the desired result is to help strengthen political representation.

Residents and community members can draw one council district or all eight. All proposed map boundaries will be considered, given to an independent commission that, for the first time, will be tasked with creating the new maps instead of by the elected officials who hold those district seats.

The deadline for submitting entries is Nov. 15.

For more information, Berkeley residents and community members can contact the City Clerk’s Office at 510-981-6900. The office is located at 2180 Milvia St., 1st Floor, Berkeley.