Contra Costa County will pay $4.9 million to the family of Laudemer Arboleda, the Newark man killed by former Danville Police Officer Andrew Hall in 2018.

County spokesperson Susan Shiu said Wednesday a settlement had been reached but not yet signed yet by both parties.

Family attorney Adante Pointer said, “I expect my client to sign it within the next few days, or whenever (Arboleda’s mother Jeannie Atienza) is ready to deal with it. This process has taken a heavy toll on the mother and the family as a whole.”

Hall was convicted in Contra Costa County Superior Court in Martinez on Tuesday of assault with a firearm for shooting Arboleda. The jury could not reach a decision on the related manslaughter charge.

Laudemer Arboleda was shot and killed at the end of a vehicle pursuit by Danville Police Officer Andrew Hall in 2018. (Photo courtesy of John Burris law office)

On Nov. 3, 2018, Arboleda led Danville police on a slow speed pursuit after someone called the police in response to the Newark man knocking on their door. Arboleda pulled over multiple times, only to drive away from police. At one point, officers drew their guns without shooting as Arboleda drove away.

Arboleda’s family has said the 33-year-old was mentally ill, a condition for which he was hospitalized earlier in 2018.

Hall only became involved in the pursuit at its end, when he pulled in front of Arboleda at the corner of Front Street and Diablo Road. He exited his car and stood near the Honda’s front right side.

As Arboleda tried pulling away at 6 mph, Hall discharged his weapon 10 times, hitting Arboleda with nine rounds. Arboleda was pronounced dead at the scene. An initial investigation by the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office — which contracts with Danville for police services — cleared Hall of any wrongdoing.

District attorney Diana Becton said Tuesday her office is still weighing its options, which include trying Hall again. Hall’s attorney Harry Stern said he will consider appealing the assault conviction.

Contra Costa County Sheriff David Livingston wrote on Twitter after the verdict, “I urge DA Becton not to retry this case. I also urge her to take down the posts on her reelection campaign social media where she touts this prosecution.”

Hall was involved in another shooting in Danville this past March, when he killed 32-year-old transient Tyrell Wilson near the Sycamore Valley Road overpass of Interstate 680.

Police say Wilson approached Hall with a knife. Authorities are still investigating the second shooting, and no charges have been filed.