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The city of Stockton is inviting local businesses and entrepreneurs to apply for grants through a program that will help businesses get access to food and supplies that can later be sold or donated to people facing food insecurities.

The ciy’s Urban Farmers and Cottage Foods Grant Relief Program has $107,650 available through supplemental funds from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, a stimulus bill passed by Congress in 2020.

Businesses eligible for funding may receive grants up to $3,000 for tools, construction materials, equipment, supplies, operational materials, displays, signage and fencing.

Nicole Snyder, an economic development manager with the city, said examples of some businesses that would benefit from the program would be urban gardeners, market gardens, people who sell their food at farmers markets, and cottage food entrepreneurs, who are people producing or packaging food in residential kitchens.

City spokesperson Connie Cochran said the program was made available to increase the community’s access to fresh, healthy and affordable foods and support businesses impacted by COVID-19.

“Addressing food insecurity is a priority for the city,” said Carrie Wright, Stockton’s director of economic development. “Fostering a supportive agricultural enterprise ecosystem and leveraging the region’s agricultural bounty and entrepreneurial spirit to those who directly provide fresh and healthy foods in our neighborhoods is the most direct way to make an impact.”

Eligibility requirements are posted on the city’s website. Individuals or businesses interested in funding must apply online and applications are available in various languages.

The deadline to apply is 5:30 p.m. on Nov. 29.