Danville Mayor Renee Morgan will chat Friday with former cold-case investigator, writer and podcaster Paul Holes about the Golden State Killer case in this month’s “Town Talks with the Mayor.”

As an investigator for the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office, Holes helped solve the decades-old case, using advancements in DNA profiling and genealogy technology.

The case helped launch Holes’ new true crime podcast “The Murder Squad” that explores evidence and discussions of current unsolved murders, unidentified remains and missing persons cases.

Former police officer Joseph James DeAngelo Jr. was finally arrested after a 13-year crime spree, during which he is believed to have committed at least 13 murders, 50 rapes and 120 burglaries between 1973 and 1986. He was caught in 2018 and is currently serving 26 life sentences.

The conversation will take place via Zoom at 9 a.m. Friday, Sept. 3. Participants can register for the program online. The recording will later be uploaded to the Town of Danville’s YouTube channel and hosted on the town’s website.

For more information, contact Diane Friedmann at 925-314-3378.