This was a well plate containing patients’ samples being tested for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies, using the CDC serologic test. (James Gathany/CDC 2020)

San Francisco fire personnel Monday helped treat 19 people in connection with a possible COVID-19 outbreak aboard a cargo ship docked in the bay, a fire department spokesman said.

Around 1:20 p.m., fire officials responded to the cargo ship “Global Striker” after the ship’s crew reported people on board experiencing flu-like symptoms, according to spokesman Lt. Jonathan Baxter.

Emergency crews were able to reach the ship quickly and brought 19 people to San Francisco’s Pier 26 to treat them. Of those, six people were confirmed to have mild COVID-19 symptoms and were taken to the hospital.

Those hospitalized remain in “good condition,” Baxter said.

In addition, 21 others were evaluated and tested, and remain on the vessel.

As the city continues to experience a surge of the virus, Baxter said emergency crews were well-prepared for an incident like this.

“Because of the high number of COVID-19 cases in San Francisco, our progressive and proactive approach helped deliver a quick and swift response and assessment, keeping the city and community safe,” he said.