The Dublin City Council has decided to name the pool at The Wave water park after the city’s former parks and community services director, Paul McCreary. The resolution was approved as part of the consent calendar during the council’s meeting Tuesday.

McCreary and his family donated $50,000 for the city to use as an endowment fund to assist eligible Dublin youth with accessing the city’s Green Gators swim program. After more than 20 years working for the city, McCreary left in 2016 to head up the Hayward Area Recreation District, from which he retired in 2020.

A staff report from City Manager Linda Smith for the meeting says “Paul was instrumental in the programming and oversight of the Dublin Swim Center and the planning and design of many of Dublin’s excellent park facilities, most notably The Wave at Emerald Glen Park.”

McCreary is battling cancer, which he has said in social media is terminal.

A recording of the Aug. 17 Dublin City Council meeting can also be viewed on the city’s website.