Dr. Viktor Limanskiy administers the COVID-19 vaccine at the Stockton Shelter for the Homeless in Stockton, Calif., in April 2021. (Photo courtesy Joan Singson, Director of Population Health Management at San Joaquin General Hospital)

San Joaquin County’s Public Health Services will begin releasing this week a new COVID-19 data report three days a week, in an effort to give residents more in-depth statistics regarding cases in the county.

The new data set is categorized into sections that depict how many deaths and cases have been reported in specific ZIP codes and jurisdictions. It also breaks down the data to show how many deaths have happened within certain races and ethnicity groups.

According to Tuesday’s data, San Joaquin County has 188 people hospitalized due to COVID-19 and seven intensive care unit beds are available.

The data indicated that 50.9 percent of the county is fully vaccinated, with the city of Escalon having the highest rate at 79.6 percent.

More information about the data report can be found at http://www.sjcphs.org/Disease/documents/20210816_COVID_Report_August_16.pdf.