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The Salinas Public Library is giving people with outstanding fines a road to redemption during the month of August.

Throughout the month, people can reduce or eliminate fees for overdue, lost or damaged books and library card replacements by reading a little bit every day.

The popular “Read Away Fines” program allows anyone with a Salinas library card to earn $5 a day towards fine reductions, library officials announced.

To participate, people need to fill out a survey that includes their card number, the number of days they read and a brief description of the reading materials.

“Fines are one of the barriers to using our library resources, and we want to provide the opportunity to remove these obstacles, especially at this time of year when students are going back to school,” said Salinas Deputy Librarian Mila Rianto.

People can read books, graphic novels, comic books, magazines, newspapers or listen to audiobooks.

Adults are also allowed to read to children and apply the time to the child’s fines.

For more information, people can call 831-758-7311 or email Mila Rianto.