A record 1.6 million residents have enrolled in health insurance coverage through the state’s marketplace, due in part to financial help from the most recent federal pandemic relief bill, Covered California officials said last week.

Officials with Covered California, which the state formed under former President Barack Obama’s health care law the Affordable Care Act, said subsidization from tax credits in the American Rescue Plan Act is expected to save Covered California enrollees an average of $700 per month in health care premiums.

“This financial help builds on the ACA and its results are clear,” Covered California Executive Director Peter Lee said. “We’re seeing now, having more people enrolled in Covered California … than ever in our history.”

Lee noted that the record-high number of residents enrolled in Covered California meant the state has one of the healthiest consumer pools in the country, further enabling a reduction in premiums.

The large enrollment pool will also result in a modest rate increase on the individual market of just 1.8 percent for 2022.

Roughly 94 percent of enrollees will have the choice of at least two health insurance carriers, according to Covered California officials, while 81 percent will have at least four choices.

People interested in obtaining health care coverage via Covered California are encouraged to visit online or call 800-300-1506.