A letter carrier with the U.S. Postal Service is being recognized for driving 1 million miles without a single accident — all within the confines of Benicia city limits.

That’s more miles than two round trips to the moon for Lorna Lualhati, who was inducted Tuesday into the National Safety Council’s “Million Mile Club” at the Benicia Post Office on East L Street.

“Safety is no accident. We need to be safety conscious at all times,” Lualhati said in a news release.

The 37-year USPS veteran delivered mail in Sherman Oaks in Southern California as well as Honolulu before landing in Benicia, where she has been driving the same route for the past 14 years, according to postal officials.

“The truly remarkable achievement by our Benicia Post Office carrier exemplifies how postal employees continue to deliver on the promise of delivering their best every day with care, courtesy and concern for the safety of others,” District Manager Mike Mirides said.

Lualhati was presented with a plaque honoring her achievement at a morning ceremony.