San Joaquin County residents wait in line to receive COVID-19 vaccinations in Stockton, Calif. (Victoria Franco/Bay City News)

San Joaquin County COVID-19 case rates have more than doubled in the past two weeks, raising concern for public health officials.

In a presentation Tuesday for the Board of Supervisors, San Joaquin County Public Health Officer Maggie Park said on July 12, the county’s COVID-19 case rate was at at 4.7 per 100,000 people and the current rate is at 11.5.

“It’s a little bit concerning what I am about to show you,” Park said.

Park pointed out to the board that when California had reopened on June 15, San Joaquin County’s case rate was at 3.2 and it has significantly increased in the past weeks.

“The state is saying this is the fastest rate of increase in COVID-19 that we have seen thus far,” Park said.

The county said current test positivity is 6 percent, a number that also doubled in the last two weeks, according to Park.

As of Tuesday, San Joaquin County reported 74 people hospitalized for COVID-19, 25 of which are in intensive care units and 13 people are on ventilators.