Stockton’s new Open Data Portal launched recently and allows users to find data and statistics about the city’s growing economy, fiscal stability and many other datasets useful to residents.

City departments have been taking a deep dive into statistics and data and examining how they can work together while also making the data available to everyone to use.

City officials said users are invited to explore the portal, where they can find data displayed in several formats such as maps, graphs, line-item lists and dashboards.

“This is really about governing for results,” said City Manager Harry Black. “Providing transparency and accountability to the community.”

The city said initial datasets were chosen from the volume of requests for services from the community and interests the public shared.

“This is really about governing for results. Providing transparency and accountability to the community.”

City Manager Harry Black

Residents can access information regarding how much graffiti was removed throughout the city, how many fires occurred in Stockton in a specific year or even find specifics on how long the city takes to get potholes and streetlights fixed.

Once visitors to the site select a topic, they are sent to a page that contains graphics showcasing information about the selected topic and can see where city officials are in meeting the desired goals of their department.

For instance, users can select “Safer Streets” from the homepage and they will be taken to a page that tells what the department is doing to make Stockton’s streets safer.

Additionally, at the bottom of the page, there are boxes detailing if the department is either “off track” or “on track” to meeting their objectives such as reducing violent crime.

“This is just the beginning,” said Katie Regan, director of the city’s Office of Performance and Data Analytics. “As we continue to publish content and explore opportunities for new data, we are also looking forward to hearing from community members, business and non-profit leaders, educators, employees and other government agencies.”