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Those traveling through Mineta San Jose International Airport now have free access to nearly 400 downloadable e-books through a new pop-up library.

The pop-up library is a partnership between the airport and the San Jose Public Library, powered by Axis 360, a small network device that creates instant access to some of its digital book collection through Wi-Fi.

The service is free to the public and does not require a library card, data plan or an application to be installed. Instead, travelers can simply connect to the popup library’s Wi-Fi network “SJPL Free eBooks” near gates 12 and 24 to access the digital collection.

“We believe everyone should have equitable access to reading materials, especially as they prepare for a long flight,” said City Librarian Jill Bourne. “It’s a great way to pass time before arriving to their next destination.”

All passengers, regardless of age, can download up to four e-books using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Once downloaded, readers can access the text offline almost anywhere they are traveling to during their loan period of three weeks.

The digital library has a collection of bestsellers, fiction and non-fiction, as well as children’s and young adult books that are available in English and Spanish. The collection is updated monthly.

“Many people love to read when traveling and bringing the e-Library to the Airport is a great way to help our customers do just that,” said John Aitken, Mineta San Jose International Airport director.

Since the popup’s start on June 1, more than 300 travelers have accessed the collection and about 450 e-books have been checked out, according to the airport.