Little Trooper Ranch, a nonprofit rescue organization for abandoned dogs and other animals, welcomed its first rescued dogs in Santa Rosa on Tuesday.

The nonprofit will serve animals both locally and internationally, with some of their dogs coming from as far as La Paz, Mexico. After receiving medical care and being spayed or neutered, the dogs will be placed in foster homes. Little Trooper Ranch hopes to eventually have each dog adopted by owners in the area.

The organization is primarily devoted to dogs that would otherwise be considered unadoptable based on their age, appearance or medical needs, but will also support farm animals and serve as a wildlife release site for Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue.

Its founder and president, Odessa Gunn, is the owner of Odessa’s Essential Health, a line of CBD products for pets. The company is the main financial backer of the nonprofit, along with Earthtone Construction and Marin Pet Hospital.

Gunn had been active with animal welfare organizations in the Santa Rosa area for several years before starting Little Trooper Ranch.

“I’ve been circling the wagons for about 15 years but I finally decided to take the plunge and start my own rescue,” she said in a statement.

According to the Little Trooper Ranch’s website, four dogs have already been adopted through the organization.