The Contra Costa County seal, logo. (Photo courtesy of Contra Costa County)

The Contra Costa Board of Supervisors on Tuesday decided to keep its current eviction moratorium in place until Sept. 30.

The state’s COVID-19-related moratorium, which went into effect Sept. 1 of last year, will expire June 30.

The county ordinance protects residential tenants experiencing a financial hardship due to the pandemic. Renters must provide a written declaration of hardship or pay at least 25 percent of their rent due by Nov. 30.

The state law authorizes local jurisdictions to extend their own urgency ordinances to prohibit certain evictions, including no-fault evictions, though the state law also said commercial moratoriums can’t last beyond Sept. 30.

The board could have extended the residential moratorium longer, but members said they wanted to be fair to both tenants and landlords.

Board chair Diane Burgis pointed out that, at the peak of COVID-19, county unemployment was close to 15 percent.

“Before (the pandemic) started, we were at 3.1 percent,” Burgis said. “We now — as of May — are at 6.3 percent unemployment. So we’re still going in the right direction, but there are still a lot of people who need help.”

The county ordinance also includes a moratorium on rent increases through Sept. 30. A landlord can’t charge late fees on back rent, as long as the tenant can demonstrate COVID-19 related losses.

The moratorium applies to cities within Contra Costa County, as well as its unincorporated areas.