Gov. Gavin Newsom declared Alameda County as one of the 39 counties in emergency drought conditions in early May. In response, Tri-Valley water agencies are urging residents to voluntarily cut their water consumption by 10 percent.

The region has enough variance in water storage to withstand the occasional dry winter. But as the Tri-Valley goes on its second dry year, agencies need to use stored resources sparingly, according to Zone 7 Water Agency General Manager Valerie Pryor.

“Since we do not know how long these conditions will last, we need to start saving water now so our community will have more water available next year,” Pryor said.

Residents in the region have a “great ability to respond, adapt and conserve water,” the water agency said, given that they have significantly reduced their water use ever since the extreme drought in 2014.

Outdoor landscaping and water leaks are known to be the largest culprits in excessive water use. For quick tips on how to reduce water consumption, residents can visit the Cal Water website.