The Trump years offered unparalleled material for cartoonists. Not only was Trump a rich target, but he consorted with a wild and wily collection of characters both inside and outside of his administration, including such memorable players as Mayor Rudy Gulliani, Anthony Scaramucci, Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels.

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About the Artist

Joe Dworetzky

Joe Dworetzky is a second career journalist at the Bay City News Foundation, covering Legal Affairs and Arts & Culture. He practiced law in Philadelphia for more than 35 years before he moved to San Francisco in 2011 and began writing fiction and pursuing a lifelong interest in cartooning. His cartooning includes political and social topics and draws on his fascination with modern culture in the Bay Area. Joe earned a Master’s in journalism from Stanford in 2020 and may well be the oldest cub reporter in the country this year.