The Shelter-in-Place experience was at once deeply individual and also widely shared. We may have never been more closely connected via our communication devices while at the same time profoundly isolated in our personal worlds. These cartoons were created during the first three months of the pandemic when we were trying to adjust to a very, very, different existence.

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About the Artist

Joe Dworetzky

Joe Dworetzky is a second career journalist at the Bay City News Foundation, covering Legal Affairs and Arts & Culture. He practiced law in Philadelphia for more than 35 years before he moved to San Francisco in 2011 and began writing fiction and pursuing a lifelong interest in cartooning. His cartooning includes political and social topics and draws on his fascination with modern culture in the Bay Area. Joe earned a Master’s in journalism from Stanford in 2020 and may well be the oldest cub reporter in the country this year.