Founded last year, The Corona Page was created in an attempt to provide people with accurate information on the coronavirus. The website is updated regularly with information that's been fact checked by doctors across the nation. (Photos courtesy of Mahi Ravi)

When it comes to information regarding the coronavirus, the knowledge 16-year-old Mahi Ravi possesses could impress any doctor. 

That’s exactly what Darshan Gandhi, a Texas oncologist, thinks every time the South Bay high schooler calls to update him about the research articles she posts to The Corona Page, a website Ravi founded last year to provide people with accurate information regarding COVID-19

By having a team of doctors from across the nation check the accuracy of the content posted on the website, Ravi said she hopes people see The Corona Page as a reliable resource for learning more about COVID-19 vaccines and other preventative measures.  

“A lot of people originally told me, I’m 16 why would people want to trust me?” Ravi said. “I don’t have experience, but at the end of the day as long as you find a way to ensure credibility and find a way to work around the problem, age won’t make a difference.”

South Bay resident Mahi Ravi manages The Corona Page and a team of young, volunteer writers to provide up-to-date information on the pandemic.

Gandhi said he is impressed by the lengths Ravi goes to in creating her website. “I was very surprised by her sophistication and her maturity and really her hunger to do something good,” Gandhi said. “You don’t find high schoolers every day with that type of  vision, and who really execute.”

Although Ravi runs the website, a team of high school and college students from all over California volunteer to write up the articles. In addition to posting online, the team produces monthly email newsletters with up-to-date information about the virus.

“It’s natural for all of us when we’re faced with a crisis to panic and be fearful,” Ravi said. “Knowledge is really empowering … When you are afraid of something you should learn more, as much as you can about it. And that’s what (The Corona Page) is trying to do.”

Ravi and The Corona Page team’s influence isn’t just local. Swastika Thakur, an 18-year-old living in Gurgaon, India, said she found the website through LinkedIn and makes sure to read articles on The Corona Page weekly.  

Thakur said she is inspired to see people her age raising awareness about COVID-19.

“I think it is wonderful how the youth of our generation is stepping up to serve our society,” Thakur said. “Our world really needs an informed and active youth force to spread awareness and information.”