Vials of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine at a vaccination clinic in Alameda County on Feb. 18, 2021. (Eli Walsh/Bay City News)

Walmart and Sam’s Club will provide COVID-19 vaccinations to anyone who walks in or schedules an appointment at their pharmacy locations in California and across the U.S.

As vaccine supplies surge in the U.S and eligibility has opened to people age 16 or older, Dr. Cheryl Pegus, who oversees Walmart’s health and wellness unity, said the company should prioritize distributing the vaccine to underserved and vulnerable populations.

“Widespread vaccination is the only way we will eventually end the pandemic and help our country re-open, and we don’t want anyone to get left behind as we enter this new chapter in our fight against COVID-19,” Pegus said.

Walmart and Sam’s Club have launched an educational campaign, Get Out the Vaccine, to galvanize people to get vaccinated and have partnered with organizations in vulnerable communities.

The retail store does not mandate its employees be vaccinated but offers workers appointments and paid time off during their shifts to receive a vaccination, as well as three days of paid leave for vaccine side effects for workers.