San Joaquin County’s Board of Supervisors on Tuesday unanimously approved San Joaquin Delta College’s $2 million matching fund request for the college’s Student Career Internship program.

The program seeks to give 1,000 internships to students to help them gain real world work experience in their desired field.

San Joaquin Delta College’s president Omid Pourzanjani said the challenge students face is that after completing Delta training programs, they can’t secure a job due to lack of job experience in the field.

The program would allow students to work a 12-week internship, 20 hours a week while earning a minimum of 15 dollars an hour.

“Our board has put forth a $2 million commitment towards internships to pay our interns so employers in our community don’t have to worry about that,” Pourzanjani said.

He said all they are asking employers is to give these students a chance to get the experience they need.

Funds given to the program will help students in more than 20 vocations receive experience in their field.