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The city of San Jose recently kicked off its WeCreate408 month-long online challenge to inspire creativity and celebrate the city’s diverse and unique arts and culture.

WeCreate408 is a collaboration with the city’s art commission, office of cultural affairs and community partners and well as 27 arts organizations, businesses and community groups.

Each week has a different theme. This past week was “Celebrate 408” where individuals were prompted to share a picture and share or write a song that reminds them of San Jose.

Next week the theme will be “Good Vibes” followed by “Great Outdoors.”

Each day WeCreate408 will send out a creativity prompt that matches the theme in which individuals can participate and share.

So far, more than 1,440 individuals have signed up to participate, city officials said.

WeCreate408 technically started on April 1, but the city hosted a virtual event last week to commemorate this month of creativity. The hour-long kickoff included a bilingual poetry workshop, a lino-block printing and papermaking demo and a virtual salsa dance lesson.

More information about WeCreate408 can be found on the official website.