Part of the Pacifica Municipal Pier has reopened to the public after being closed since January due to damage from high tides and large waves.

The L-shaped concrete fishing pier is located at 2100 Beach Blvd., in front of Sharp Park Beach. Only the portion of the pier perpendicular to the shoreline is open, according to the city of Pacifica.

The section of the pier parallel to the shoreline remains closed due to a broken railing and will be fenced off to the public.

High tides and large waves on Jan. 14 damaged a 40-foot section of the pier’s west facing deck and concrete railing. The city closed the pier due to the damage.

Local engineering firm GHD completed a damage assessment and gave a final report to the city on March 29, indicating the extent of damage to sections of the pier and the timeframe in which repairs should occur.

The report states that some severely damaged parts of the pier must be repaired within a year.

The city will seek funding — through grants, the state or other sources — to repair the damaged sections of the pier.

The full assessment report is available on the city’s website. Updates on the pier can also be found there.

Questions or concerns can be addressed to the Department of Public Works Engineering Division at 650-738-3767 or