The Lafayette City Council has unanimously approved a plan to tear down a commercial strip near Lafayette Circle and replace it with a 20-unit residential development.

Located on the east side of Hough Avenue and zoned for mixed-use retail, the building now contains nail salons and hairstylists.

Hough Investors will build 46,239 square feet of housing on the site. The project will stand 48 feet tall, surpassing the 35-f00t downtown limit with a waiver from the city, allowable because the project will include three units for moderate to low-income residents.

Despite letters sent to the city protesting the project’s density and building setbacks, no one spoke on the matter during public comment Tuesday.

Fourteen of the units will feature three-bedroom units, with the other six containing two bedrooms. There would be onsite parking for 25 automobiles, two motorcycles and six bicycles. The project is within walking distance to downtown and the Lafayette BART Station.