Has covid impacted what major you want to pursue in the future? if you don’t want a college education, has it impacted what career you want to go into?

Emma Dunlavey, Design Tech High School

Redwood City

16, Sophomore

“Quarantine has absolutely affected what I want to pursue. I have been bouncing between psychology or film for years, but this year has made me think that I should probably go for something steadier, since big events like this could easily put me out of work, depending on what my job is. As a result, I’ve decided that I’d like to pursue psychology. Being something like a therapist is steady (more than being a scriptwriter or actor, anyways), which I like.” 

Alexis Cherrington, Hillsdale High school

Foster City

16, Junior Year 

“Before Covid I did not really know what I wanted to do, but during this pandemic I realized that nursing is a major I want to pursue. Especially during a time like this, I have seen how nurses are always going to be needed and how important they are. My best friend’s mom has inspired me to pursue this and has shown me how fulfilling this career is. I looked into a bunch of colleges and I really liked SDSU and San Marcus.”

Daniel Aleman Lozano, Peninsula High School

San Mateo

18, Senior

“Online school during the pandemic has been somewhat of a blessing and a curse in disguise. It hasn’t affected the career I’ve chosen because new Marines are always needed! It doesn’t affect school for me because I haven’t applied to any 4 years. I came to the decision of the Marines as a six-year-old. I knew if I wasn’t gonna do anything big with my life the least I could do is support my country, while protecting the people in it.” 

Ansh Dhakalia, Leland High School

San Jose

16, Junior 

“The pandemic situation has not affected my chosen career in STEM — likely mechanical engineering. Rather, I have become more sure of what I want to major in. I still am aiming to apply to University of Southern California. I was inspired to pursue mechanical engineering because I enjoy problem solving, advanced math and physics applications.” 

Mia Renee Frappereau, Design Tech High School

Menlo Park

15, Freshman

“Distance learning for me has actually been very positive, I have been really focused and improved my grades. I am definitely interested in going to college for sure, Covid 19 has not made me change my major, I am still hoping on getting into an arts major. I am interested in design and fashion, and I hope to open my own business. The only difference that Covid 19 has had on the business I want to pursue is that I want to be able to work for a business that could move to at-home if another pandemic happens.” 

Anders Peng, Design Tech High School


14, Freshman

“School during the pandemic is fine. I have been doing a lot of studying by myself. I haven’t really thought about what major I want to go into; therefore the pandemic has not really affected me in that sense. I would say that the pandemic has inspired me to volunteer a lot more, and my parents have encouraged me to help others more than usual. I believe that I will continue volunteering in the future, but it will not be the career I would pursue.”