What is something that your school has done during distance learning that you are appreciative of?

Name: Reece Burton

City of Residence: San Jose

School: Archbishop Mitty High School

Year: Senior

“ They’ve held a lot of drive-by events, and they even had a Christmas light show for us where we drove through our parking lot. That was a very good experience to be able to be back on campus and just drive through to see everyone.”

Name: Ellie Zempel

City of Residence: San Jose

School: Silicon Valley High School

Year: Senior

“As a transfer student for my final year, they’ve just been very understanding and helpful. They check in with students individually to make it feel like a classroom environment and we have an “ask the teacher” page for a quick contact source.”

Name: Diego Garcia

City of Residence: San Jose

School: Bellarmine College Prep

Year: Senior

“Oh, most definitely the late starts. We start school at 8:30 now instead of 7:45 to accommodate us more, and it’s super nice to just roll out of bed and log onto class.”

Name: Roxy Thomas

City of Residence: Willow Glen

School: Saint Francis High School

Year: Senior

“I’m privileged and lucky enough to have our school supply electronic devices (iPads) enabling virtual learning to happen for everyone. I really enjoyed that my school allowed for a day off a week to help students get off the screen for a day and relax their eyes a little.”

Name: Alex Martins

City of Residence: Morgan Hill

School: Valley Christian High School

Year: Junior

“I like how my school has been very considerate during these times with grades. In each class, we get 6 homework passes to take a mental break every so often.”

Name: Willy Peter

City of Residence: San Jose

School: Leland High School

Year: Senior

“I think something the school has done a great job with regarding distance learning is providing computers and personal hotspots to the students. They also generously provided textbooks, binders, pencils and many other school supplies free of charge, which could help people in lower income not have to worry about budgeting for those items.”