A BART train arrives at the Pleasant Hill BART station in Walnut Creek, Calif. on Monday, February 1, 2021. (Ray Saint Germain/Bay City News Foundation)

Two Bay Area transit agencies will modify service schedules Monday to accommodate upticks in ridership as COVID-19 vaccinations increase and cases decline.

While BART will maintain its current service hours, the new schedules for each of its six train lines will allow for the addition of up to 26 more trips when and where ridership data shows trains are carrying more than 30 riders per car.

On weekdays, BART trains from Richmond on the Red Line will continue to the San Francisco International Airport station, preventing Red Line riders from having to transfer to an SFO-bound train at the MacArthur station, as is currently required.

On March 27, the agency will also align its Saturday and Sunday service schedules, operating the Yellow, Orange and Blue lines on both days and requiring some riders to transfer to get to their destination.

In addition, the Blue Line will terminate at the Montgomery Street station on some Sundays, which will be single-tracked through San Francisco to repair the agency’s electrical power grid.

On non-single-tracked Sundays, the Blue Line will terminate at Daly City.

BART will also begin arriving and departing from the Millbrae station’s third platform, which is closest to the station’s Caltrain platform.

Riders switching between the two agencies will only be required to cross the platform rather than the current walk through the station’s concourse to transfer between BART and Caltrain.

Caltrain will increase its weekday service from 68 to 70 trains per day to accommodate increased ridership while tweaking train departure times to make its schedule more reliable.

Caltrain’s updated weekday schedule can be found at https://www.caltrain.com/schedules/weekdaytimetable/Weekday_Service_ChaChan_Effective_March_22__2021.html while its updated weekend schedule can be found at https://www.caltrain.com/schedules/weekend-timetable/Weekend_Service_Changes_Effective_March_22__2021.html.