New books, and new in paperback, from San Francisco Bay Area authors, listed by release date.

New in Hardcover

A Matter of Death and Life

by Irvin D. Yalom and Marilyn Yalom (Palo Alto)
(Stanford University/Redwood Press, March 2)

Joint memoir by feminist author diagnosed with terminal cancer and her grief-specializing psychiatrist husband that chronicles their last year together, reflecting on how to live without regret. 


by Carol Edgarian (San Francisco)
(Scribner, March 2)

An adventure set in 1906 San Francisco—a city leveled by quake and fire—featuring an indomitable heroine coming of age in the aftermath of catastrophe and her quest for love and reinvention.

The Soul of a Woman

by Isabel Allende (Marin County)
(Ballantine Books, March 2)

A meditation on what it means to be a woman.

Boardwalk Babies

by Marissa Moss, illustrated by April Chu (Berkeley)
(Creston Books, March 2)

In the late 19th century, there wasn’t much hope for premature babies — until Dr. Couney developed the incubator, device so new and strange, hospitals rejected it, leaving Dr. Couney to set up a sideshow at Coney Island to convince the public that incubators work.

Dusk, Night, Dawn: On Revival and Courage

by Anne Lamott (Fairfax)
(Riverhead, March 2)

A guide to restoring hope and joy in our lives.

Mister Jiu’s in Chinatown: Recipes and Stories from the Birthplace of Chinese American Food

by Brandon Jew and Tienlon Ho (San Francisco)
(Ten Speed Press, March 9)

The chef behind the Michelin-starred Mister Jiu’s restaurant shares the past, present, and future of Chinese cooking in America through 90 mouthwatering recipes.

Edie Richter is Not Alone

by Rebecca Handler (San Francisco)
(Unnamed Press, March 9)

In this debut novel about a woman’s visceral confrontation with the fundamental meaning of humanity, Edie Richter moves from San Francisco to Perth with a secret: she committed an unthinkable act that she can barely admit to herself.

When We Were Infinite 

by Kelly Loy Gilbert (San Francisco Bay Area)
(Simon & Schuster for Young Readers, March 9)

All Beth wants is for her tight-knit circle of friends to stay together. Then she witnesses a private act of violence, and the whole group is shaken.

Now We’re Getting Somewhere: Poems

by Kim Addonizio (Oakland)
(W.W. Norton, March 16)

A dark, no-holds-barred poetry collection, veering between the poles of self and world.

New in Paperback

The Numbers Game

by Danielle Steele (San Francisco)
(Dell, February 9)

Modern relationships come together, fall apart, and are reinvented over time, proving that age is just a number.

Three Hours in Paris

by Cara Black (Noe Valley)
(Soho Press, March 3)

Kate Rees, a young American markswoman, has been recruited by British intelligence to drop into Paris with a dangerous assignment: assassinate the Führer.