Synagogues and other places of worship can resume indoor services and ceremonies at 20 percent capacity in Santa Clara County. (Photo via Lainie Berger/Unsplash)

Santa Clara County houses of worship can resume indoor services at 20 percent of capacity following a temporary court order Monday evening, county officials said.

Health officials in the county strongly discourage any indoor services no matter how few people gather because of the health risk involved.

Religious groups have been gathering in other ways for months and are encouraged to use the same methods to avoid the risk to the health of their members and the public, county officials said.

“We are disappointed by the temporary order of the federal district court,” said James R. Williams, county counsel. “COVID-19 continues to pose a serious risk in our community, and unfortunately no court decision can decree otherwise.”

Indoor gatherings of other kinds are still prohibited. People who decide to worship indoors must abide by all other safety rules such as social distancing and the wearing of masks.