Berkeley wants community members to help the city identify opportunities to improve racial equity in the services it provides.

The city is holding an online town hall meeting from 6 to 8 p.m. this Thursday called Race, Equity, and Belonging.

Although Berkeley has a long legacy of being at the forefront of movements for justice and social change, city officials say the city can do more.

City officials say the meeting will be a chance for the community to discuss what is working, where the city can improve, and what the city can do to best bring marginalized voices into the conversation about racial equity in city services.

The meeting will begin with a panel discussion, followed by small group breakout sessions where community members can share their own experiences and visions for improving racial equity.

City officials say systemic change requires an ongoing commitment to working together to listen and understand each other. They say the upcoming event builds on a conversation that began in June, with the online town hall meeting called Race, Health and Policing in a Time of Pandemic.