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Concord officials this week said they are glad at the prospect of mixed residential and commercial development around the city’s two BART stations in the next decade or so, and that they want to work with BART officials to help make it happen the right way.

But during a presentation by BART planners at Tuesday night’s Concord City Council meeting, city officials acknowledged BART will ultimately approve those development plans as part of the transit agency’s Transit Oriented Development program.

“As city staff, we want to work as cooperatively as possible to achieve both the city’s goals as well as the BART district’s goals,” Guy Bjerke, Concord’s director of economic development and base reuse, told the council.

In North Concord, the affected land is a single parcel near and along the BART right-of-way and station. BART has no intention of developing the portion north of Panoramic Drive, the North Concord-Martinez station entrance, as it is all rail right-of-way. BART wants as much as 800,000 square feet of commercial space near that station eventually.

Officials from both Concord and BART said planning for the North Concord piece will resume after the city chooses a new master developer for the Concord Naval Weapon Station reuse project, to build a new 2,300-acre community with 13,000 housing units, a regional park and millions of square feet of commercial space. The North Concord-Martinez BART station is on the west edge of the weapon station land.

Plans for transit-oriented development near the BART station in downtown Concord are on a five- to 10-year time frame, said Abby Thorne-Lyman, a BART program group manager. BART will not be able to advance all of the various plans for development near its stations in that time frame, but those plans are expected to become part of 2030 Regional Housing Needs Allocation plans.

There are no development plans for either station yet. But planning for transit-oriented development at most BART stations in Contra Costa, Alameda and San Francisco counties is called for in Assembly Bill 2923, signed into law in September 2018. It requires BART to establish new standards for transit-oriented development on BART-owned land within a half-mile of those stations. That bill, authored by Assembly members David Chiu, D-San Francisco, and Tim Grayson, D-Concord, also requires local governments to update their own zoning on those properties to be in sync with BART’s standards. Such local rezoning would depend largely on whether BART actually plans development on those parcels.

Both Concord locations include land now used mostly for parking lots. A solution to replace that parking, Thorne-Lyman said, will have to be found.

Near Concord, construction of transit-oriented development projects is either finished or in progress adjacent to the Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill-Contra Costa Centre stations. Overall, Thorne-Lyman told the council, there is more work to be done in getting projects going.

“We’re clearly falling short on our housing goals, and falling very short on affordable housing goals,” Thorne-Lyman said. “That will be our priority.”

George Fulmore, a Concord community activist, said a nice mixed-use project near the downtown BART station would serve as a good gateway to the city’s Monument Corridor district.

“It’s an open area that needs development, and we need affordable housing,” he said.