California Memorial Stadium in Berkeley. (Photo via Michael Li/Flickr)

Next weekend’s PAC-12 conference football game between the University of California-Berkeley and the University of Arizona has been cancelled because neither team will be able to field enough scholarship athletes to play, conference officials said Sunday.

This will be the fourth Cal football game cancelled this season. Three previous games were cancelled because of COVID-19, and the protocols to which players, coaches and staff must adhere.

A PAC-12 spokesman Sunday night would not confirm that the Dec. 19 game was cancelled specifically because of COVID-19.

Under Conference policy, the game will be declared a “no contest.”

In a statement Sunday night, Cal Head Football Coach Justin Wilcox said, “We are disappointed that we are not able to host Arizona, but I am proud of our team and what we have been able to accomplish under difficult and unprecedented circumstances this season.”

This was to have been the final 2020 regular-season game for Cal, which finished with a 1-3 record.