(Image courtesy of Sonoma County Community Care/Instagram)

Sonoma County Community Care is hosting a virtual raffle now through Dec. 1 to raise funds for drug harm reduction supplies.

The organization was founded in July 2020 and describe themselves as “a political activist collective that is dedicated to radical community care,” according to an Instagram post.

Sonoma County Community Care has held two donation drives since July, including one in partnership with Sonoma County Acts of Kindness. The group put together care packages, including toiletries and food, for Sonoma County’s homeless population.

The current raffle will help the group purchase fentanyl testing strips, which will then be distributed with the help of other local organizations.

Raffle prizes include paintings, plants, craft supplies and massage certificates, all from local businesses.

“We feel that the system keeps people down and then tells them to “pick themselves up by their bootstraps” without any support,” one of the organization’s members said via social media. “We believe that if people are going to use drugs, they should use them safely.”

To enter the raffle, visit the group’s Instagram page for more information.