Napa City Councilman Scott Sedgley appeared to be winning the city’s mayoral race in a rout, according to unofficial election results released Tuesday night.

With all 97 of the city’s precincts reporting, Sedgley had garnered just over 64 percent of the vote, with a raw vote total of 16,319 out of the 25,436 votes initially reported in the race.

Sedgley netted three times the votes of challengers Doris Gentry, a city councilwoman and the city’s vice mayor, and Gerardo Martin, the former president of the Napa County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Early results showed Gentry in second with around 20 percent of the vote while Martin mustered slightly more than 15 percent.

Sedgley, 68, entered the race as the longest-serving member of the Napa City Council, having first been elected in 2012 and serving two terms.

Once in the race, he quickly gained the endorsement of Jill Techel, who served four terms as Napa mayor before announcing she would not run for re-election in 2020.

The Napa County Registrar of Voters released some 44,000 votes Tuesday night, with more votes expected to be reported on Friday as well as next week. County Registrar John Tutuer said Tuesday night that he intends to release around 8,000 more votes on Friday.