(Photo via Eunice Choi/Unsplash)

The latest reopenings in Monterey County is one to surely excite families and children.

Playgrounds and equipment at county parks and county-managed special districts are set to open on Saturday after a nearly seven-month hiatus because of COVID-19.

Parks are now allowed to open their play structures because of revised state guidelines that allow for safe reopenings of playgrounds.

However, attending a park will look much different than the pre-COVID era. All children above 2 years old are required to wear a mask and must be accompanied by a caregiver to ensure proper mask wearing. Children from different households must remain 6 feet apart from each other, and if they cannot, playground use is not permitted.

Eating and drinking is also prohibited under state guidelines to ensure that face coverings are not removed.

All Monterey County parks will be open except Toro Park, because of fire damage at Toro and San Lorenzo Park, which is located near a COVID-19 positive housing site.

The reopenings also include five parks in the East Garrison Community Service District, three in Toro Park Estates and one park in Oak Trees View.

Nearly all county parks have at least one playground or play structure, with the exception of Jacks Peak and Travel camp, that do not have any play structures.

The state recommends that park visitors limit their time at a playground to 30 minutes when other families are present, wash and sanitize before and after, and consider coming at different times to avoid crowding.

Older residents and people with underlying health conditions are also recommended to avoid the playground when other people are present.