Peninsula Clean Energy has expanded its electric vehicle rebate program, offering up to $1,000 rebates to first-time buyers of electric vehicles.

San Mateo County residents can receive $1,000 rebates toward the cost of a new fully electric vehicle and $700 for plug-in hybrid vehicles.

The offer applies to vehicles purchased from Oct. 1 through Dec. 31. Eligible vehicles must have a purchase contract cash price of $45,000 or less before sales tax.

Residents who want to rent an electric vehicle may also receive a $200 rebate.

“By choosing electric vehicles, we can all help make a sizable dent in transportation-sector greenhouse gas emissions, which is by far the biggest contributor to climate change in San Mateo County, and do our part in helping California’s planned transition from gasoline-powered vehicles,” Peninsula Clean Energy CEO Jan Pepper said.

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order Sept. 23 mandating that all new vehicles sold in California after 2035 must be zero-emissions vehicles.

Peninsula Clean Energy’s 2020 EV program expands on previous programs by allowing applicants to purchase from a wider range of models and out-of-county sellers, including online sellers.

The rebates are limited to one per person and two per household, for people who have not previously purchased or leased an EV.

“Don’t wait. There is already a full-electric EV or plug-in hybrid passenger vehicle that will work for almost everyone,” said Paul Breslow, innovation director at EDF Energy who purchased a new EV as part of the 2019 program.

For further information and the application, people can visit Peninsula Clean Energy’s website.