San Mateo County small business owners may be eligible for a $250 credit on their energy bill. (Photo via Kelly Lacy/Pexels)

Peninsula Clean Energy said Monday that it will make $1.5 million in bill credits available for up to 6,000 small businesses affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

About 12,000 energy customers are potentially eligible for the credits, according to Peninsula Clean Energy. Businesses must have no more than two accounts in their name to qualify for the $250 bill credit.

The energy provider will also make a $50,000 donation to the San Mateo Credit Union Community Fund for the purpose of supporting small businesses during the pandemic.

“Small businesses at the heart of our communities are struggling just to survive as this pandemic and recession drag on,” Peninsula Clean Energy CEO Jan Pepper said. “We’re hoping to help keep the dream alive for these businesses and budding entrepreneurs.”

Peninsula Clean Energy plans to send letters to eligible businesses with information about how to apply for a bill credit.