Wine tasting is one of several activities that will be allowed outdoors in the city of Berkeley beginning on Friday. (Photo by Kelsey Knight/Unsplash)

The city of Berkeley is allowing certain outdoor activities such as swimming in pools, getting haircuts from barbers, having small outdoor sports practices and holding wine tastings, to reopen Friday at 8 a.m. using COVID-19 safety measures.

Outdoor swimming pools, in order to reopen, must adhere to regulations such as limiting the number of swimmers in shared areas, maintaining social distancing measures, closing water attractions and encouraging sign-ups and staggering use for swimmers.

Outdoor wine tasting following state COVID-19 guidelines will also be permitted. The guidelines necessary for reopening include tastings by appointment only, beverages must be poured by staff members, indoor areas must be closed to the public and face coverings must be worn at all times except when eating or drinking.

Outdoor personal care services such as barbers and salons must be by appointment only and have sanitizing measures taken between all customers. Certain close-contact services, such as removal of facial hair, remain prohibited.

Outdoor vehicle-based gatherings with live entertainment will also be allowed, as long as the events have no more than 12 people on site, including staff and performers, and performers must perform while adhering to social distancing regulations of a minimum of 8 feet between people.

“This untreatable virus remains a threat,” City of Berkeley Health Officer Dr. Lisa Hernandez said. “Every person and every household should weigh even these newly permitted activities through the lens of risk — and what they are comfortable with.”

Hernandez urges everyone to continue taking precautions in all daily activities to limit the spread of COVID-19.

“Everyone in our community holds tools to reduce spread,” she said. “Wear a face covering, wash hands frequently, keep distance from others and get tested if concerned.”