Following a raucous holiday weekend that saw illegal fireworks being set off in record volume throughout the Bay Area, Richmond’s interim police chief sent a letter to Mayor Tom Butt and other City Council members requesting action be taken to prevent similar future incidents.

Interim police Chief Bisa French started her letter by indicating that 23 officers were on duty during the Fourth of July holiday Saturday night and early Sunday morning, 10 who were on overtime. French added that, though additional officers were working, the department was overwhelmed by the number of calls received, many of which were fireworks-related.

According to the letter, Richmond police responded to 299 fireworks calls as well as other calls for service during those hours.

French concluded her letter by calling for the creation of a task force involving state and federal law enforcement agencies to confront the rising issue of the use and sales of illegal fireworks.

French announced she will continue to urge state and federal agencies to take action in addressing the issue, saying it will continue to worsen if not confronted at multiple levels.