Half Moon Bay normally welcomes tourists and other beachgoers, especially on the Fourth of July, but the city is asking “potential visitors to consider the public health consequences and not visit.”

In order to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, the city announced Wednesday that all local beach parking lots, beaches and a portion of the Pacific Trail will be closed from Friday through Sunday, the city announced Wednesday.

Nearby Pacifica also announced Wednesday that its beaches and beach parking lots will close for the long weekend.

“People who crowd together, particularly in numbers which violate public health orders, are putting many others at serious risk and jeopardizing the progress we’ve all made over the last several months,” Half Moon Bay Mayor Adam Eisen said.

“Tourism is part of our identity and an important economic driver, but coming here this weekend would be reckless and unsafe,” Eisen said. “Do the right thing. Stay close to home.”

City officials cited the surge of visitors on Memorial Day weekend, including many who ignored public health protocols, as a reason to ask people to stay away this weekend.