Vanessa Deniston (right) and Kristina Ohlson welcome visitors to their good-vibrations project. (Photos courtesy of Vanessa Deniston)

To overcome anxiety caused by COVID-19 and help lift spirits, San Anselmo residents Vanessa Deniston and her partner Kristina Ohlson, transformed Laurel Avenue into Good Vibe Lane — an upbeat and cheery stretch of road with chalk art, welcome signs and positively-messaged posters.

Thanks to the pair’s project, the lane has drawn participants and looky-loos from all over Marin County — folks have arrived by foot, on bikes and in cars, Deniston said, to “soak up all the positive energy” they can “during this dark time.”

A big May 24 event, replete with balloons, bubbles and recorded rock music, pulled in roughly 150 people. (Social distancing was required and masks were advised, of course.) Since then, the posters remain up with “tons of people still taking photos, still enjoying them,” said Deniston.

The couple keep their “Vibe of the Weekend” board updated weekly, as they had for five weeks prior to the event. But the lone bad vibe came recently when someone removed an acrylic portrait of George Floyd that Deniston painted. A neighbor found it several days later, tossed away on a nearby street.

Thankfully, it’s back up now, and the good vibes will keep flowing.