(Image courtesy of FDA)

More than 8,200 cases of the coronavirus, including 304 deaths, have been reported in the Bay Area since the pandemic began in late December in Wuhan, China. 

Santa Clara County continues to report the most cases, followed by Alameda County and San Francisco. Among all counties, 8,254 cases have been reported as of May 1, according to county health departments. 

Here’s how the counties ranked by the number of cases as of the afternoon of May 1.

On May 1, also known as May Day or International Workers’ Day, Gov. Gavin Newsom stressed the importance of having enough personal protective equipment for workers, and for business customers, which will help determine when the economy reopens. He said the state recently acquired 8 million surgical masks.

“PPE is fundamental in terms of reopening our economy sooner,” he said. 

His statements came amid protests at the state Capitol and in Southern California demanding that the governor lift the state’s stay-at-home order.

Newsom said it may now be just days rather than weeks before California makes changes to the stay-at-home order.

“We really have to be deliberative on how we reopen this economy,” he said. 

Source: Bay Area county health departments, Office of the Governor of California